Why did God create a world where the weak have to suffer at the hands of the strong?

Posted: September 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

I don’t think God created “that world.” He did, however, create a world in which we would be able to choose between him and ourselves. That’s what love is. If there is no freedom to reject, there is no freedom to accept.

But, if I may point out a few of things: The very question poses a real dilemma: Remove God from the question: Do we really live in a world where the weak HAVE to suffer at the hands of the strong? If so, why? Why do the strong oppress the weak? Do we not have free will? Are we not “responsible” agents? Are we not all born “good”? Even if we are not born “good”, are we not born innocent? And if we are born good, if you trace humanity back far enough, was there not a “first” human or were there not first humans who were inherently good? So, where did evil come from? Can evil even be defined or quantified? Rather than ask why God “created evil”, why did we? Remove God from the question and there is only despair: The questions cannot be answered.

Go to any kindergarten and you will see rooms full of beautiful, laughing, industrious little people, eager to please, eager to learn. You will also see future murderers, child molesters, drunks and drug addicts, serial killers…more than is comfortable to acknowledge. Yes, you might say, but it’s because of their parents/uncles/society/whatever. Okay, so go back to their kindergarten rooms, and those of their parents and on and on and on back into the darkness of time. It’s like with reincarnation, where a person is atoning in this life for the sins they committed in the previous one. Go back far enough, and won’t there be a “first” person, an “Adam”, so to speak? Well, for whose sins was he atoning? At least the Bible has as story to tell: Here’s what happened. Here’s why you’re all so wicked. Now, here’s how to fix it. “Nature” has got nothing! It cannot even be extrapolated from Nature that evil even exists, much less provide any solutions!

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