Best rant of the week; thanks to Jonas Planck

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

chiiill, I assume that the problems to which you refer include unemployment, crime and the utilization of limited resources like educational resources, library resources, etc. I think that you are saying that the more children, the more unemployment, crime and utilization of limited resources. That is generally true. The higher the population, generally more people get unemployed –even if the unemployment rate remains the same, etc. But when people have children–American people have children, those children are Americans that are entitled to all the rights and privleges of an American. Among those rights and privleges of Americans are the right to vote, the obligation of military service, the right to a public education, etc. These children are not Americans so they have no right to vote, no obligation of military service, no right to a public education. Since resources are limited, American children and Americans should be put first!

It’s similar to a family. Since a families resources are limited, they don’t invite everybody in town to eat at the family table. They don’t take the college fund for their children and divide it up equally for all the kids in town. They reason they don’t do such stupid things is because if they did have all in town eat with them, they would have no or little food for their children. If they supported all kids in the town equally for educational pursuits, they would have little for their kids’ education. We’re an American family. Americans first!

What a steaming pile of lies. America took its “kids’ college funds” and gambled it away long ago, coming back and taking MORE money from the kids and then they went and blew THAT money as well… America doesn’t support anyone but the alcoholic uncle, those kids are just data points to you, units of economic potential to be exploited and cashed in like casino chips. Don’t give me any crap about being “loyal” to the family YOU betrayed. Every policy, every system, every economic choice made in the last forty years was based on the premise that we can’t AFOOORRRD to invest in a future! It’s too EXPENNNSIIIIVE to build a system of sustainable resource production! Who will PAAAAY for it!?!? … funny how there was plenty of cash for military contractors and wall street bailouts, wasn’t there? Enough to solve any resource problem 10 times over, in fact! But for some unexplained reason, scum like you never worried about dropping 12 trillion here, 6 trillion there, when it was creating an elite aristocracy…Oh no, we could AFFORD to do that! We could afford to allow speculators to inflate the price of every commodity on earth and lock everyone in a downward spiral of debt, couldn’t we? That was WORTH paying trillions of dollars for! You only bitch and moan when a TINY FRACTION of that amount MIGHT BE threatened by the act of behaving with some shred of humanity. You WANTED this nation to be impoverished, you did everything you could to encourage it, and now we see why you did it: Because it’s a great excuse to make MORE poverty and suffering at the expense of MORE people that you can exploit and abuse for your sick gratification.
We didn’t go broke because we wanted to feed our children, we went broke because we listened to scum like YOU. You didn’t want to invest in any future, and now that un-funded future has arrived, and you got what you wanted. So quit pretending to be opposed to it, it’s playing out exactly how you wanted it to play out, you lying cheat. The people you serve with this bullshit are bloated vampires, draining this country to the point of anemia, leaving just enough blood so the victim doesn’t die, and then you have the nerve to complain about a mosquito landing on our weakened, pale carcass and sucking out a tiny little bit more of YOUR blood from us.
Step out into the sunlight and burn to death, Vlad. We can’t AFFORD you anymore.

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