Ayn Rand 1

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think it’s unfair to compare the influence Ayn Rand has had on modern Republicans to the “influence” of Jeremiah Wright, et.al., on Barak Obama: Republicans like Paul Ryan and Rand Paul unapologetically embrace the influence Ayn Rand’s philosophy has had on their own: “According to Rand, the Christian moral imperative to serve the needy is a “monstrous idea.” “In a surprising jolt of coherence, Rand held precisely the position such a disdain for Christian humility would suggest: that the strong are the rightful lords over the weak, and that those with the capabilities to secure wealth and resources should be more or less unimpeded from doing so, the rest of humankind be damned. It’s likely this philosophical tenet that wins her so many fans on the right, among them Paul Ryan, Clarence Thomas, Gary Johnson and Rand Paul.”

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