Why is Quora so anti-Trump? (Please, give a reason that at least attempts to be factual and not ideologically-fueled.)

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Quora is a wonderful website I visit frequently. This is a question asked and my answer is as follows:

Quora is not “anti-Trump”. Thoughtful, evidence-based (which may be a matter of opinion sometimes), civil and honest discourse is anti-Trump. Truth definitely has an anti-Trump bias!


1. Trump is cruel and vicious in his attacks on anyone who disagrees with him (he mocked John McCain’s POW record, a disabled reporter, Fiorina’s looks, etc). I challenge any Trump supporter to produce anything any other candidate in this election cycle has said that is as…I don’t even know the right word…”super-weird”? “Hyper-pubescently-suggestive”?*…as his comment that Hillary Clinton’s bathroom break was “disgusting”. News flash Donald: Your mama peed, too! (and so does Melania…)

2. Although it is certain that he knows the truth, he just does not care for it. To him, telling a lie is as easy, perhaps easier–and more fun, kind of like a rich kid stealing a pack of smokes–than telling the truth, because the truth is “bo-ring” and his supporters, the Trumpettes, wouldn’t give him the time of day if he just told the truth all the time. Donald Trump’s file (note only 24% of the things he says are at all true!!!)

3. He speaks off-the-cuff. No teleprompter? So what? No speech writers? Again, so what? This can mean a person is a great orator or a terrific rapper; it doesn’t make you any more honest or truthful. It’s also a sure sign that what you’re getting is probably the “real deal”, which in Trump’s case is NOT a good thing. Trump is drunk on the adulation of his acolytes, and as everyone knows, drunkenness can cause a person to say things they might not ought to say, to allow certain aspects of their personalities out that should probably stay hidden—at least outside a therapist’s office. Like a comedian I once heard in his routine: “People try to tell me booze is great; it just brings out ‘the real you’, they say. Fine…but what if ‘the real you’ is an asshole?” And so it is with Trump. He gives no thought to his words, because he doesn’t feel he has to. Hurting people is the same as not hurting them; he is numb to other peoples’ pain, only feels his own. This is why, to him, “respect” is allowing him to say whatever he wants whenever he wants about whomever he wants without question. When he is called out on his lies, his cruelty, his hatred, with “The Truth”, it hurts him, and THAT’S disrespectful.

*I think I have a fairly large vocabulary; not bragging, just saying, and I know how to use dictionaries, thesauri, and search engines. It’s kind of sad, but potentially exciting, that new words, even if they are hyphenated compounds, have to be invented to describe Trump’s behaviour!

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