Will Middle class America benefit from the new tax plan?

Posted: November 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

No, and it’s a con job no one believes. The Republicans know it, they just don’t care. The American people know it, but they also know that the Republicans in control…wait for it…just don’t care. Here’s a groovy little tidbit that hasn’t gotten hardly any attention on the telly: “That’s rich! Republicans suddenly believe that one percenters are barely struggling to be in the middle class, party officials revealed.

“On Thursday, House Republicans issued a fact sheet about their new tax cut plan that referred to Americans earning $450,000 a year as “low- and middle-income”— even though that income level would put those taxpayers in the top 0.5 percent of all individual Americans. [emphasis mine]

“The median household income in the United States is $59,039, after all.

“ ‘Did somebody make a mistake?’ laughed AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers when told of the income classifications by the GOP. ‘[Republicans] think that the income level of the top one percent is lower- and middle-class. This is a world where if you make less than $500,000, you don’t exist.’” House (Republicans claim an annual salary of $450,000 is middle class)

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Remember when Bush II coined the idiotic term “compassionate conservatism”? It was a tacit admission that conservatism as practiced in the US is not compassionate. It’s also an oxymoron. The present Republican party has come to terms with that and have completely dropped all pretense of compassion. Because…

They just don’t care.

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