Is Obama violating the Logan Act by trying to undermine Trump overseas?

Posted: December 5, 2017 in Uncategorized


Well, I first Googled “Is Obama trying to undermine Trump overseas?” Other than this article in Politico, How Obama not so subtly undercuts Trump (Cool Trump bitchslap: “If I become so convinced that, ‘I’m always right,’” Obama said, “the logical conclusion of that often ends up being great cruelty and great violence.” GIGGITTY!) and an article on some hysterical GOP bonehead claiming Obama is running some kind of “shadow government” to undermine Trump (GOP rep: Obama running ‘shadow government’ to undermine Trump), I found nothing; so I deliberately added breitbart, infowars, wnd to my search parameters. Still nothing, although I did learn that, according to Alex Jones, the “Deep State” is going to kill Trump. Oh, my!

So, I can only conclude that the basic premise of your question is…questionable.

If you can provide evidence that Obama is trying to undermine Trump overseas, I will be more than happy to revisit the question; otherwise, I think it’s pretty obvious that what is happening is the endless repeat of the same old same old Trump pattern: Act like a schmuck; act surprised when it is reported that you acted like a schmuck; denounce all the people who noticed that you acted like a schmuck and did the reporting; then deny that you ever did or said whatever it was that was schmuck-ish, even if it’s on tape; and, finally, blame someone else for your own schmuck-ish-ness.

Image result for schmuck yiddish

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